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Covert Intelligence Division [CID] Empty Covert Intelligence Division [CID]

Post by Vaetyx on February 21st 2015, 1:04 am

Covert Intelligence Division [CID] Igem9v
Masters of Disguise - The Covert Intelligence Division is built of the smartest individuals in Netherfore. Capable of handling difficult work, and invesigations for Netherfore. While it is impossible for us to share with you these operations from the past or the future, we wish to help you understand one thing. The covert intelligence agency is for individuals who wish to help Netherfore develop and protect others.
These Masterminds and agents have a High IQ - able to see actions before they happen, empathize with others, and take initiative when nobody else is around. There's not much more that can be said - but obviously agents in this division work on gathering intelligence and helping others in Netherfore. Protection and Care is their main concern. Always loyal and wish to help others in the most clever ways possible.
     This faction is not for the lazy or people who back down from challenge.
                 Are you a Master of Disguise? --> The CID members are considered the best Observers!

Some tasks & Aptitudes:
-Secret Long & Short-term Projects
-Hidden Databases
-Working with others
-Strong Understanding of Computer Tech. (For ex. C++)
-Lack of Fear
-Knowledge Seeker
-Problem Solver

Other than that, Everything else is classified.

Apply Today, Ask Salem for details. Please read The Project Cerberus Readme before Applying!

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