Wildcat Teams Handbook (Security & Court) - Introduction

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Wildcat Teams Handbook (Security & Court) - Introduction Empty Wildcat Teams Handbook (Security & Court) - Introduction

Post by Vaetyx on February 23rd 2015, 2:18 am

Wildcat Teams Handbook (Security & Court) - Introduction 2wq6e8o
*Security (Wildcat) Introduction*
I. Project Cerberus
II. The Underground Black Operation
III.Netherfore's Wildcat Divisions

Welcome to the Black Operation for the Netherfore's Wildcat teams- The Forest's "Project Cerberus", Wildcat Divisions & an introduction to What the agency of protection does. This section is a quick brief for those interested in Project C.E.R.B.E.R.U.S.
Wildcat Teams Handbook (Security & Court) - Introduction 2e2nhg9
What is the Intelligence Agency?
There is not much that can be said here - This faction of Netherfore is top secret and not discussed very often in game. The general function of this faction is protection, research, and advancement. Knowledge is power - This is part of the very core of Netherfore. The rest is classified. What we can tell you is the meaning of the Project:

C.E.R.B.E.R.U.S stands for:
(The) Central Expedience Reliability Bureau of Executive Relations for Undivided Security
How to join?
There is an application section on in The central Intel. forum. You may place applications there, and they must be approved by Salem. Salem is currently the head agent in-charge of The Black Operation and Project Cerberus.

To Join: If you would like to Join, you must be a high rank in Netherfore in GW2->but this does not make you eligible for acceptance. Application approval is done case-by-case, you must be really dedicated to Netherfore and must prove your trust & aptitude.

Wildcat Teams Handbook (Security & Court) - Introduction 2zquadh
Applicable Units & The Black Operation:

Unfortunately, the black operation is classified. Agents are the only people allowed to view these files, and they can never discuss the information stored.
People may apply to one of Four created Wildcat factions at this time [fourth one unreleased currently]:
Under Project Cerberus and The Black Operation are:
- The BAU [The BAU]
- The CID [The CID]

Under the Judicature of Netherfore's Judge & Jury is:
- The COJ
"The Supreme Court"

Each of these factions are seperate from each-other but often work together between cases. There will be laid out descriptions in each of their links.
*There is nothing more that we can tell you! We also do not intend to publicise things unless they are laid out in the Press Release topic.
Good Luck with your Applications
-Netherfore Jurisdiction + Yaeku & Salem

P.S: Quick Cheat-Sheet:
Wildcat Divisions: The Different Applicable Units
Project Cerberus: The name of the whole project described above
Black Operation: Classified.

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