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Application Directory For Netherfore Jurisdiction Empty Application Directory For Netherfore Jurisdiction

Post by Vaetyx on February 23rd 2015, 3:11 am

Making an Application
I hope that you have read through the introductory statements. If you have come this far you must have an interest. However, we ask that before you create an application, you make sure you are a higher rank in the guild. That means that if you are in gw2 you are at least the third rank, and in the secret world you must be a student witch+.

Joining these teams means you are trusted with the most important information in Netherfore. Of course it is not all of it, but it's important you understand what you are signing up for. The application means that you agree to the terms of service. What you need to know is that if you share any of the information that we give you, you are subject to banishment from Netherfore. [Court date needed]

We act to secure the members of Netherfore and better ourself as a community. We wish to have you join the team and build relationships here in Netherfore. If you are not intimidated by the above post-script - then you've already passed your first test agent.

Remember, everything here is now a secret that you may unravel, Wildcat. Welcome!
Application Directory For Netherfore Jurisdiction 5b8m00

When you form your application please include the following:

Character Name & Realm (TSW, GW2, Etc)
Associated or Joined to Other guilds on other characters?
A description of why you wish to join (must be three 3 paragraphs in length)?
Anything else you wish us to know.

Only few will be accepted.
Please note, the more you include in your application, the more likely we are to understand if you are cut out for any of the factions.

CID: People who work with Intelligence Gathering
BAU: People who work with people and information
Press Liason (s) - People who form Press conferences and Write Press-releases and information about Netherfore ready to be unveiled.
Press Journalist(s) - Write weekly stories, newsletters, etc.
COJ - The Netherfore Court System

Good Luck with your application, We're counting on you.
Today's Netherling, Tomorrow's Future.

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