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The Court of Justice [COJ] Empty The Court of Justice [COJ]

Post by Vaetyx on February 27th 2015, 7:22 pm

Netherfore's Supreme Court of Justice Bureau
The Netherfore Division
Procedural Posture
Welcome to the Courtroom. This is the Netherfore Faction that people join to moderate litigation (court trial arguments). Before I list out what's needed please understand what this is for and about..If you re-read the section on the rules of Netherfore - you will notice that people may file complaints against other people in the game. When this occurs, the two parties involved may create a courtroom scene that goes on in PRIVATE. Nobody is to know about it - People that work for the COJ for Netherfore  strive to use this private "trial" as a means to get both people back on civil terms and discuss the politics of policy for Netherfore. This allows the Judicature (authority figures of Netherfore (Yaeku, Salem, Etc) to clairfy who was right and who was wrong - and to work on fixing the problem!
The Court of Justice [COJ] 2z56vzs
Application to The Court
A person here will make an application to become a  "Court Justice". Court Justices must use the Netherfore Laws & policies to judge, moderate, and enact in a case. They help litigants (or parties that are filing claims against each other) to come to a conclusion by using the Netherfore Laws as a means to fix an issue. The policies discussed will help members better understand what's okay and what's not in the guild.Please submit your application under the application topic.

Please note that every case is situational and this is why we need people to decipher between right and wrong!! You act as a Judge, A Lawyer, and a Jury!! So what are some requirements:
-Must have STRONG interpersonal (people skills) qualities
-Trustworthy with delicate/secret information
-Reliable & Considerate
- Able to decipher right and wrong
-We must, as the leaders of Netherfore, be able to see you as someone who is good with others and can make good decisions
-Must be familiar with the Law of Netherfore and how to use it to one's advantage.

There will be more laid out in the secret topic for Judges Smile!
Good Luck

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